Hi, my name is Megan and I'm the lady behind Megan Stoll Studios. I've always had a passion for photography, so I'm really excited to have the opportunity to capture candid moments for you and your family that will be remembered forever. I believe in the significance of well-crafted photography to honor important memories and occasions, which is why I offer quality photography at a reasonable price. I want to showcase life at its finest: a happy family, the beauty of a newborn baby, a frisky puppy or a newly-engaged couple giving each other goo-goo eyes.

I've been looking at the world from behind the viewfinder since I got my first camera at age 6. It was a tiny camera that took 110 film cartridges and had disposable flash bulbs – I used it to show my mom my perspective on deep subjects such as the backyard and the dog. I've had a passion for photography ever since, taking many classes throughout high school and college. Now, my favorite subjects are people. That could be you! 

Speaking of college, I graduated from Truman State University in May 2006 with a BFA in Visual Communications. I currently have over fifteen years of experience as a graphic designer, working in all types of media: video, print and web. I am originally from St. Louis, MO so naturally, I am a diehard St. Louis Cardinals fan. I am a huge pop culture buff and have a diverse listening history on my Spotify account that ranges from Top 40, Musicals, Rap/R&B, New Wave & Oldies. I own the entire series of "Friends" and I associate myself the most with Phoebe's character. It's hard for me not to find myself quoting the show on a daily basis. 

Fun fact about me: One strange thing that I've noticed is that anywhere I go, it seems that I run into someone I know. That makes me a firm believer in the six degrees of separation, and who knows? Maybe I could give Kevin Bacon a run for his money someday.